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Power Flushing - love your radiators

We provide a professional power flushing service from West Malling to Bromley and everywhere in between, covering most of South East East London.

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Benefits of power flushing

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    Radiators produce more heat and boilers run silently.
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    Cheaper fuel and gas bills.
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    Enhance central heating efficiency.

A powerflush injects water through the entire flow of your central heating system to remove sludge, rust, and any other debris that is affecting its efficiency. When we powerflush your system, we also use cleansing agents to further improve the process.

Do you need a power flush?

If you are unsure about whether you need a power-flush, we can give your home a full survey with our thermal technology to give you accurate readings of efficiency for all of your radiators.

Some tips and tricks on saving money on bills

Keeping your heating on constant will help you save money on your bills, keeping your home at a steady 21 degrees all day for example will cost you less to have it set to 21 degrees on a times programer. This is because your boiler is only having to regulate between 1-2 degrees to keep it at 21 degrees, your elements stay warmer so it needs less energy to regulate. If your home drops to 15 degrees for example, the boiler then has to use a lot more energy to rise back up to 21 whilst also having to warm up all of your foundations

A lot of modern boilers have an eco setting on the temperature of your central heating system, this will mean the boiler uses the most efficient amount of energy to warm your home

We also handle underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating is far more efficient than radiators as it heats the complete floor area evenly, whilst radiators work from outside in. Underfloor heating is something you can only have installed if you are in the middle of a renovation as all your floors need to come up in the areas you want underfloor heating. It needs to sit on insulation to ensure your heat rises and doesn’t go into the foundations.

The cost of underfloor heating is more than standard radiators but its also far more efficient, what you may be paying out for now will save you money in the future.

When installing underfloor heating, you can chose how much control you want when it comes to the temperature for each room. We can zone each room off with its own thermostat meaning each room can be set to any temperature you would like

We offer wireless and hard wired smart controls from basic to full colour led screens

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sludge
Sludge is a build up of debris, and corrosion of the radiators, over time the radiator rust starts to circulate around your heating system causing blockages. A lot of this sludge will sink to the bottom of your radiators, this is hoe you will be able to tell just by feeling them.

At Drips Plumbing & Heating, we will take full responsibility of getting your heating system back to the way it should be and start helping you fight back against the cost of energy bills
How to tell if your radiator could need a power flush
Over time your radiators will lose efficiency due to the sludge build up, this reduces the amount of hot water circulating and cost you more to heat the room up. The easiest way to tell as a homeowner is if you feel the bottom of the radiator is cooler than the top, this is a sign that you have sludge build up.

There are many ways to flush a system, all dependent on the property age/type. We would decide as engineers which is the best option to take, we run the system with chemicals working at with one radiator at a time, we use a vibrating tool to work on the radiators to loosen up the sludge build up. We then dump the sludge water into the nearest drain using a dump hose and re fill fresh water back into the radiator. We repeat this process with all the radiators in your home.
How much does it cost to change a radiator
Generally a straight radiator swap, same size going back into the same position can range from £120-£150 dependent on size, we can offer better rates if you are having multiple radiators changed

If you was deciding to change the size or position of the radiator, we would need to see for an accurate quotation
Some of my rooms are colder than others?
This can be a result of two things, either the radiator is not sized correctly to the room, or you have sludge build up within the radiator meaning it is less efficient than it should be. Our experts can answer those questions by doing a BTU calculation on the room and using our thermal imaging camera to indicate the efficiency of the radiator
Water is leaking from my radiator!?
If water is leaking from your radiator, turn of both valves either side of the radiator, you may need spanner’s or grips to turn the valves, turn clockwise to shut the valve. Once this is done it will stop the flow of water and only have left what is left in the radiator. Put tubs or towels down on the floor below the leaking area and call one of our engineers now

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Drips fitted a new boiler and replaced a rust heating pump. We found them very experienced and efficient. They identified the issue and wasted no time in fixing it, even came back the next day to make sure it was working reliably. Very pleased.

Karl Liu

Drips fitted a new combo boiler for me. Excellent job done very thorough and professional. Items were taken away and place was left in a tidy manner. 10/10 service.

Eddie Reid

We would recommend Drips Plumbing and a job very well done. Handled professionally and charged given price.

Amer Mohammed

Was clear with pricing and what work was needed to be carried out, turned up on time, promptly fixed the issues and as far as I'm concerned they did a great job and would 100% use again.

Xander Hurley

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We love a good chat as well, feel free to reach out with us on the number below.

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